Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Why are sunrises pink & purple and sunsets yellow & orange?

Mt. Hood looked so cool this morning. Kind of Mt. Olympus-ish, with big clouds around the top. Maybe Zeus has relocated.

Chris is in surgery right now to repair his busted gut (a.k.a. a hernia). Kind of scary, not being there with him, but can you imagine spending 4-5 hours in a hospital with a 4-year-old who doesn’t have to be there? We’ll go pick him up this afternoon. I hope he’s still loopy from the anesthesia when we get there, because that will be fun.

I like it when the sun shines here.

The 2GB memory card in Ellie’s 2.0mp camera is full. Do you have any idea how many pictures that is?

I feel like I got so much done yesterday, and today I feel like doing...nothing.

I can’t stop listening to the Once soundtrack. I love it.

One day my whole house will be clean, all at once, and then I’ll probably die from the shock. But I’ll die happy.

Did you know reading a 1000+ page cookbook can be as exciting as reading a novel?

The people who leave comments on Seriously So Blessed are as entertaining as TAMN herself.

If Donald’s a duck and Mickey’s a mouse, what the heck is Goofy?


  1. I hope he is ok. I also hope he recovers quickly! It would be funny if he is still loopy. Last time I was put under Mike and I were still dating...anyway as I was trying to recover I couldn't remember his name. It was pretty funny for him at the time.

  2. Goofy is a dog and Zeus has relocated. He lives in the empire state building, Alex and I have read all about it.

  3. I love the ONCE soundtrack, too! Such a good film.

  4. Goofy's a dog, but so is Pluto. Yet, Goofy, talks, wears clothes, and occasionally is married to a human woman. Bizarre!!!!

  5. "I hope he’s still loopy from the anesthesia when we get there, because that will be fun."

    I love that you married my brother. Let us know how he is.

    Yes, this cookbook is a slice of heaven. I so badly want to hear ab out the first time you cook out of it.


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