Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a birthday!

Yesterday was Lexi's 6th birthday! I can't believe how quickly they grow up! She has been counting down to this day since, oh, about April. She woke up to the streamers that I hung from her bed and a card from Chris, something he always does for the girls since he leaves before they get up. She felt like a queen all day long, even though we did pretty typical mundane things. She and Vicki did decorate the living room with streamers, which helped to pass the time. By dinnertime, though, she was nearly bouncing out of her skin. We had rice and chili at her request (so much for fancy birthday meals!) and then it was time for...PRESENTS!!!

We got her a decorate-your-own-ballet-outfit kit, a Fancy Nancy card game, and a Webkinz persian cat, which she named Muffin. Also, Aunt Adrie sent a really cute and cuddly bear and a whole bag o' horses. Plus the clothes for her Molly doll that came from Grandma & Grandpa Youngberg on Thursday (which we didn't have the heart to make her wait to open), the outfit from Grandma & Grandpa Ebert which came Friday, and the clothes for Molly from them that arrived just minutes ago. (Thanks everyone!) Lexi was thrilled with everything and, in true kid fashion, is already counting the days until she turns 7.

Make a wish!!!


  1. What a great pictures of her blowing out candles! Looks like the perfect day.

  2. Lexi - I'm so sorry I'm late in wishing you a happy happy birthday! We LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!


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