Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm a weeenner!

Woo hoo!!! Woo hoo!!! Oh, for joy! I won a lottery I never even knew I entered! Two of them, in fact! I have won 870,000 British pounds (which, according to this currency calculator is $1,588,968!) and also $7,500,000!!! I'm the luckiest person on the planet!!!

All I have to do to claim the winnings in the "BRITISH E-MAIL LOTTERY" is to send all kinds of personal information to a Mr. Barr Jeff White, who can be reached at his googlemail address (I always thought it was gmail, huh) any time of the day or night. They would like my:

1. Full name
2. Address
3. Marital Status
4. Occupation
5. Age
6. Sex
7. Nationality
8. Country of Residence
9. Telephone Number
10. Fax Number
11. Email Address

Oh, and if I should have a change of address, I'm "adivced" to inform their fiduciary agent (the above-mentioned oddly-named Mr. Barr Jeff White) at once in order to avoid uneccesary delays and complications.

I'm on it.

I was notified of my $7,500,000 winnings by a gentleman in Nigeria, a Mr. Ali Yusef, who wrote me this kind message:

"We bring to your notice,that during our randomly select of the(CHEVRON OIL/PETROLEUM)lucky winner,your mail was the luckies winner of our CHEVRON ONLINE BONANZA.So all you have to do, right away is for you to go on with the forms filling,so as to no the identity of our luky winner,you have to quickly as fast as possible,once again CONGRATULATION."

Yep, definitely something I need to cash in on. I'll just email them both and wait for the cash to come rolling in!

I'm so excited!!! What will I ever do with nearly $1,900,000?! Any suggestions?


  1. What's scary about this is people actually fall for it and then lose some if not all of their life savings! I've seen this on Dateline or 20/20 - I can't believe this kind of stuff is still floating around. Do they think you are living under a rock??!

  2. Buy tea and biscuits so you can put the money back into the British economy.

    Or just buy a flying car. You can't go wrong there.

  3. You should take the money, go to Nigeria, and kick that guy! Just one good kick! Oh wait, there is no money. Just think bad things about him. Or, pray for him...I don't know.

  4. I won that one, too!! And the other day, i was notified that i won some Yahoo! lottery that I didn't know I entered. I plan to go to Windsor and buy me a castle. Cuz that's what i've always wanted anyway. :) You can join me, if you want. It's a big castle. Room for both our familes.

  5. Take us all to London for the olympics! Woot!


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