Thursday, March 6, 2008

My daughter, the heartbreaker

I has begun already. Lexi and boys. We are so not ready for this.

Apparently the other day at school Lexi made a boy cry. Not just any boy, either. Her good friend, Daniel. They've been friends since the beginning of last school year, when Daniel's brother Johnny was in Vicki's 1st grade class and his mother and I became good friends, forcing our children to be friends. Their oldest three kids are all around the same age as our three kids, give or take 10 months. So Lexi and Daniel have played together for a year and a half, and we specifically requested that they be in the same kindergarten class. At the beginning of last summer, Lexi informed me that she was trying to decide who she would marry, Daniel or his friend Aiden (who is now also in the same class, although apparently not a marriage prospect anymore).

I guess what happened is that at carpet time Lexi sat down with a group of girls - giggly, I'm sure. Daniel walked over and sat down by Lexi, at which point the entire group of girls, Lexi included, got up and moved. Coincidence? Most likely not, as much as I'd like to believe it. Daniel's feelings were incredibly hurt, and he told his mom (who was helping out in the class at the time and witnessed the whole thing) through his tears, "I love Lexi more than she loves me!"

Lexi says she didn't mean to hurt Daniel's feelings and just wanted to sit with the girls that time.

Oh, the drama. I am not ready for this. What on earth will we do when they're ALL teenagers at once?


  1. You stock the house with lots and lots of chocolate, lipstick, and nail polish. (I think.)

  2. Is the chocolate for them or for me?

  3. The chocolate should be for you - with her starting this early you're going to need it. I'm glad that Lexi wasn't trying to hurt the poor kid's feelings - she is usually so considerate of others. I guess the boy is going to have to toughen up early.


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