Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Monday was the annual talent show at the girls' school.  Despite the numerous Justin Bieber songs (none of which I had heard prior to that morning, and hopefully none of which I will hear again), it was a lot of fun.  Vicki played "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" on the piano and sang "Lean on Me" with the choir, and Lexi's class sang a song about loving everyone, regardless of differences.  There were also a few dancers (one who definitely stole the show), a tiny boy who sang with a piano accompanist (as opposed to the many who sang along with a CD and could barely be heard over the original singer), a little mini-Beyonce in a long shiny pink dress (who Chris described, in an admiring way, as "the girl with the Sideshow Bob hair"), and a handful of pianists.

However, the true stars of the show were these guys:

They danced to "Gettin' Jiggy Wit it".

The blue one is the principal.  Our school rocks.

The adults thought it was hilarious.  The kids thought it was hilarious, too, but they also thought it was Cookie Monster and Elmo.  I had to educate my children by showing them the following video.  I thought you all might like it, too.


  1. You are right your school does rock. I love those aliens and wish they still had them on.

    Who is Justin Bieber? Do I even want to know?

  2. Justin Beiber is the anti-Christ. I just know it:)

  3. LOVE IT! So sad how our kids don't know the Sesame Street Martians. I think I need to email Sesame Street and let them know that the martians need a come back. "Yip yip yip yip yip. Uh-huh!"


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