Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Alrighty, you spoke and I listened. Okay, well, actually, only five of your spoke, but I’ll take that to mean that four out of five of my readers would like to participate in Random Thoughts Thursday on a regular basis, and I’m all for it. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be setting it up so anyone who participates in Random Thoughts Thursday can link their blog to mine, and this will be sort of a Random Central. I believe this is what’s known, in the blogger world, as a meme. So even though it’s not all official this week (it’s been crazy-busy around here lately), feel free to join in! If you decide to do a Random Thoughts Thursday post, just leave a comment so I (and anyone else who’s interested) can come read all your randomness. It’s a good way to spend a Thursday.

Today is my little brother’s birthday. He’s 21. I feel older thinking about my siblings’ ages than I do my own. Why is that?

The sun is out! Glorious sunshine! I know I shouldn’t complain, so I won’t, but it was kinda hot last night. But I’m not complaining, Mr. Sun. Please, please stay now. We love you. And we are not above groveling.

Soon we will be leaving on another fabulous road trip with the girls in tow. It’s time for our bi-annual pilgrimage back to the fam in Utah. This time we bought ourselves a new toy to keep the kids entertained. The single unit we already have just isn’t doing it anymore.

Despite the pending trip, I have no interest in cleaning my house.

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon tie-dying giant rectangles of fabric. We made ourselves sarongs to wear at the beach. We are awesome.

I keep forgetting to update our Netflix queue. Consequently, we keep getting movies we aren’t really in the mood for but at some point thought we’d like to watch. It’s amazing how much better “Dracula” was in my memory than in real life.

Playdates are awesome. Especially when they leave me with only two children in my house, only one of which is my own.

You know it’s time to clean the fridge when your four-year-old is concerned about stuff in there. Better not let that go another week, huh?


  1. I did actually do a randomy Thursday blog.

  2. Sorry I didn't make it to my computer yesterday. I do want to participate in the future though.


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