Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

It would be so nice to come home from vacation and not have to do anything. Too bad life doesn’t work that way.

I fulfilled a life’s goal (it hasn’t been a life’s goal for all that long, but that doesn’t really matter, right?) last weekend. I saw Elvis, alive and well, on the streets of Las Vegas. And I snuck a picture when he wasn't looking (because otherwise he wanted "donations"):

After I mentioned this on facebook, I was reminded by my mother that in high school my best friend and I had matching “I Love Elvis” bracelets. She has the picture to prove it. So, yeah, life’s goal: check.

A day in Vegas and I still have no idea how the game of craps works. Or slot machines, actually. But everything there is real shiny.

Yesterday I walked about 30 blocks down Sandy Boulevard in my jammies. How liberating.

On our way to St. George from Vegas Friday night we were stuck for two hours on the freeway in the middle of the desert as a result of two separate car accidents, one of which was about five cars ahead of us. While waiting for that to get cleaned up (fortunately no one was seriously hurt, but stuff had spilled out of a trailer all over the road), we heard another crash on the other side of the freeway.  Accident #3. Both directions were completely blocked and unmoving for several hours. Crazy. I hope everyone’s okay.

Apropos of nothing, Cinnamon Toast Crunch sounds really good.

I like the phrase “apropos of nothing.”

Blogger is being slow. That really bugs me.

Tomorrow all the 4th and 5th graders at the girls’ school are getting “the talk”. They get to watch a video and have a Q&A session (divided by gender, of course.) I Googled (verbing!) the video, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same one I watched in 4th grade. I realize there’s no new information, but you’d think they’d update for the sake of changing fashions, at the very least.

Why is it that the very day I get down on my hands and knees to scrub the bathroom floor is the same day I hear the words, “Um, Mommy, I kind of missed the potty a little bit”?

I bought a skirt in Vegas from a street vendor and managed to talk her down 50%. As proud of myself as I am, I’m also slightly bummed because I’m pretty sure she would have come down more if I’d tried harder.

There are three small girls in my house right now. It shouldn’t be this quiet, but it is.


  1. We also got stuck on the freeway right outside of Vegas when we moved to UT. No fun sitting in the car for a while. I'd never be caught dead outside in my pj's - I applaud you for that one!

  2. I hate getting stuck in accident traffic because it pulls me in two directions...concern for those in the accident and RAGE that I have to sit in traffic! I usually end up feeling some strange combination of the concerned rage, or a rage of concern. Something like that:)


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