Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

For some bizarre and inexplicable reason I have had the songs from Little Shop of Horrors running through my head for the last few days. Mostly "Suddenly Seymour" and the Dentist song. Weird.

May is a really busy month.

I’m so glad swimming is over until summer. Now our Saturdays will be slightly less crazy. Hooray!

I told my co-leader I could throw together a slide show of pictures of the girls for our Brownie bridging ceremony, no problem. Turns out between the two of us we had over 300 pictures of the girls, over the course of three years. I’ve weeded it down to 170. And what started as a PowerPoint slideshow has evolved into a full-blown DVD project which we will give as a gift to each girl. I never knew I could do this cool stuff. Think you’re so special now, Robbie? Do you? Do you?

Last night I laughed so hard I cried at a book Chris and I are reading together. It’s called Bonk by Mary Roach. He picked it up at random in an airport bookstore and it’s absolutely hilarious. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to the easily offended.

I’m out of chocolate. This is not good.

So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight! Woohoo! It’s the only TV show I watch regularly. I almost didn’t know because I haven’t watched a single episode of American Idol this season and that's when they always advertise it. Luckily I glanced at the TV listings in the paper this morning. Yay for brain-rotting activities!

Yesterday Ellie wore a flower on her head and made us call her “Princess Lily”. She wouldn't call me "Mom" or "Mommy", but rather "Mother", and Chris was "Father". She cracks me up.

Chris is, as I write, taking #5 of his 7 licensing exams. Wish him luck!


  1. Good luck Chris!! And good luck with all your crazy/busy projects you are the envy of all of us less competent mothers watching you.

  2. I think i might have to check out that book....I love being offended ;)~ And GOOD LUCK CHRIS!!!

  3. Good luck Chris!!! Your little firecracker is hilarious. What a great imagination.

  4. Send greetings to Princess Lily. She's hilarious! And good luck to Chris!

  5. Luck, Chris!!

    Allie, Aaron read Roach's STIFF and loved it. We've looked at BONK and SPOOK but haven't picked them up yet. I'm glad to hear it's a riot.

  6. You missed a classic season of American Idol! I will have to pick up that book and add it to my summer reading list:)


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