Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Why are pretzels the most popular snack in my house? I like them okay, but I don't think I could live on them. But some of these kids around here...maybe I'm not using enough salt in my cooking?

And why did they have to make fishy crackers in unnatural shades of purple, red, and green? Kids will eat the regular orange ones night and day (they're second to pretzels around here), so why add the scary coloring?

I'm shopping for a new camera. It may just be wishful thinking, but I'm fed up with the one I currently have. Why can't they make one that fits my specifications perfectly? And that I can afford?

This picture looks like Saturday Night Fever meets Frisbee golf.
Ellie collects "Rockos". We're not entirely sure what distinguishes a Rocko from an ordinary rock, but she appears to have precise criteria. When she brings one home she gives him a soapy bath and then paints him with watercolors. Today she dropped a rather large Rocko on my big toe. I did not say any swears, but I thought them loudly. And Ellie said, "Mommy! You hopped on one foot! Great job!"

I'm considering buying a wagon to replace my double stroller. I only use the stroller anymore when we walk the girls to and from school on days I babysit (which, actually, is 4 days a week), but two 3-year-olds is a bit much for what was a piece of junk stroller to begin with, and sometimes they like to walk, but they can't make it the whole way there and back (it's 1 mile round trip). A wagon seems like a good solution. Anyone else done this or looked into it? Any thoughts, recommendations, etc.?

We have a possessed toy. I may have mentioned this before. It creeps me out.

The sound of rapidly running water combined with raised voices when there are two 3-year-olds in the house is usually not a good thing. Gotta run...

UPDATED: They were giving their hands a bath. Oh, well. The bathroom floor needed to be mopped anyway.


  1. I really did laugh out loud at what Ellie said to you. I like the idea of painting rocks, maybe we have a new craft project.

    I say go for the wagon, I haven't done it but I have looked ad those high-class wagon owners with extreme envy.

    I love your random posts.

  2. Oh, I saw Memoirs of a Geisha on your bookshelf...Did you love that book!? What did you think of the ending? I loved the book but didn't really feel like the ending fit with the tone of the book, it seemed rushed and a little too perfect.

  3. Keira has a thing for rocks too! Must be a three year old thing. I miss you! Just thought I'd throw that in.

  4. Sorry Allison--there was a weird post from Facebook on our blog. I must have accidentally invited the blogger email address to join Facebook. But, if it pressured you into joining, that's fine too. Better hurry or all of your friends will be off of Facebook and on to the next great thing. I don't think it will be Twitter. -John

  5. Both Liza and Olivia collect Rockos as well. Too funny! Neither of them have dropped them on my foot thank goodness. But I think it's funny that Ellie was proud of you for hopping on one foot. So silly! I hope your foot is ok.

  6. A wagon sounds good for three-year-olds. Will you have little Violet, too? Keeping her in may be a challenge...

    Good for you hopping on one foot with the "Rocko" incident. So fun to hear the girls' comments.

    Which toy is possessed so that when I come to visit I can hide it?!

  7. We demand pictures of the posessed toy!

  8. "You hopped on one foot!" I love it.


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