Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of fun (and a litle bit of running)

Yesterday was the annual fun run at the girls' school. Ellie and I decided to go cheer the kids on. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, perfect for being outside. Note to self: wear sunscreen next time. But the kids had fun and no one else seemed to get as sunburned as me.

They split the school into two groups so that the track wasn't too crowded. Lexi's class was in the first group. She had a great time running the first lap or two.
Then she took a break for a few minutes to cool off and cheer on a few friends.
She ended up running (well, probably more walking than running) five laps and is proud of her mile and a quarter accomplishment.

Vicki's class was in the next group. Neither girl is a big runner - they take after their mother in that way. But she gave it her best shot as well and managed six laps.
Afterward the big thing to do in her class was pour their water over their heads rather than drink it.
It was cold, but it seemed to help a lot.

Ellie and I even did a lap with each group, and she's proud of her own half mile run. My feet hurt today - one more note to self: don't run in flip-flops.


  1. Cute! Ok, now is the time of year for me to be jealous of your weather. How I wish we could go run outside in the afternoon.

  2. I am sorry that the first thing I noticed in the picture of Lexi was the little boy running right behind her. His picture is unfortunate.

    It sounds like the girls all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

  3. (pssst...Emily...that's a little girl)

  4. What great fun! Looks like your girls did great. The weather looks amazing too.

    About the sunscreen, even if you did get it put on I think there is some unwritten law that Mom's are always supposed to end up burnt. It never fails with me. My kids are unphased but I always end up looking like a tomato that is on fire!

    Glad you all had fun!

  5. What a beautiful day for Portland! And what fun for the girls! Reminds me of many Field Days with you kids.... : )


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