Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

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(The "Hey, it's actually Thursday!" edition)

I'm not even a full week into this term and I'm already stressed.  I need a vacation.

I've submitted one application to nursing school and have at least three more underway.  Fingers crossed that I get in somewhere!

I'm learning the implications of what it will mean to be in the health care field: people feel comfortable telling you about their bowel movements.

I got knives for Christmas, and it only took me three days of using them to discover just how sharp they are. Ouch.

We discovered over the break that Vicki is only about an inch shorter than my sister.

And next year Lexi will be in middle school.

I'm getting old.

When I was in middle school we wrote out our assignments.  On paper.  In one of her classes, Vicki has a blog. (Granted, it's a technology class, but still...  My "technology" class used Apple II computers, and that was in high school.)

Lexi did a report on her family for school.  My favorite line: "My dad's side is very, very rowdy."

Your turn!


  1. It doesn't stop with bowel movements; hemorrhoids, weird rashes, lice, STD's, etc., etc., etc. It's super fun!

  2. Bowel movements. hmmm

    Makes me feel slightly better about the fact I spend so much time discussing with nurse the colour and quantity of blood flowing out of me.

    That and the blood clot in my arm are my two favourite topics with the medical professionals.

    That said I did notice a little poster explaining the correct way to sit on a toilet for expediting bowel movements the last time I had to produce a urine sample (we have been spending a bit of time in the ER). Useful information.


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