Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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It's nice to be on vacation.  It's nice that right now my kids only have each other to play with, so they get along much better than normal.  It's nice to relax and not have anything to do or anywhere to go.  Unless I want to.

Best thing I heard this morning: (spoken by Lexi) "Ellie, you know what?  You're my sister and I love you."  Melted my heart.

I took the girls to see Brave today.  We loved it.

I loved hanging out with my (not so) little brother last night.  I haven't really seen him for about a year now, and it was good to catch up and just talk.  I'm 12 years older than him, so it's kinda cool to be able to talk with him as an adult now.  And, also, a little distressing that my baby brother is 23.  I'm old.

Pictureka is a really fun game.

There are 576 pictures on my phone, all from this trip.  And we still have over a week before we go home.  I hope I have enough memory for the other 500 pictures I'm bound to take.

I can't believe it's already almost July.

Being at my mom's house is bad for the diet.

Your turn!

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