Friday, June 15, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting

I wrote this clear back in April, but life and school intervened and it never got posted.  Now that school is out and the only things on the "neglect this" list are cleaning my house and doing laundry, I can finally post it!

I babysit a few kids a couple of days a week.  One girl is Ellie's age and just comes home from school with us, but when the other two are here, it's all day.

The almost-2-year-old little guy still takes a good long nap in the afternoon, but his big sister is almost five, and naps are so not cool anymore.  We compromise and call it rest time or quiet time.  Sometimes she watches a movie for her quiet time, but usually she takes a bunch of books onto Lexi's bed (she likes Lexi's because it's the highest up) and chills for an hour or so.

On Tuesday, while both kids were napping/resting, I thought I'd do some homework.  I'm taking an Anatomy & Physiology class, which means I get to look at a lot of pictures of, well, basically...naked people.  Oh, and the class is online, which means I'm looking at these pictures on my computer screen.

I figured I had a good hour to do my assignment, which involved labeling a figure with the correct body regions, when in walked big sister, done with quiet time.

And there on the screen in front of me was my anatomically correct man, very visible on the computer screen in all his, um, anatomically correct glory.

Can you imagine the conversation at home that might follow an encounter like this?  "So, sweetie, how was your day today at Allison's house?"  "Oh, it was great!  I watched Scooby Doo and read Pinkalicious and Allison looked at naked guys on the computer!"

I guess I got me some 'splainin' to do.


  1. Awesome! Totally awesome! This is Emily BTW. I'm too lazy to change log-ins.


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