Monday, August 1, 2011

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

This morning the girls and I went shopping.  Sadly, it wasn't the fun kind of shopping.  We went to Costco and the grocery store.

And I, as usual, forgot to grab my strong, reinforced-bottomed, reusable grocery bags.  (If anyone has any tips on how to remember these, please do share.  Ellie used to be really good about reminding me, but lately she's been falling down on the job.)

When we arrived home, I instructed each of the girls to help carry groceries into the house.  They were dying for lunch, and I let them know that the timing of lunch would be directly affected by how long it took to unload and put away all the groceries.  That got them moving.

Lexi, in her enthusiasm (or starvation), yanked the first bag she saw quickly out of the car.

Unfortunately, it was the bag full of heavy cans and jars.

And the bottom split open.

And the cans and jars all fell out.

And we live on a hill.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned this, but we currently have construction workers doing repairs on our townhouses every weekday morning.  Naturally, they chose that moment to be finished for the day and getting into their cars.  At the bottom of the hill.  The sight of three kids and a crazy lady chasing cans of soup and jars of pickles down the street no doubt made their day.

As one drove past, he said, grinning, "That would have been a great YouTube!"

I'm disappointed to report that he didn't manage to get his phone out in time.


  1. Did he know that there's already a YouTube? And it has more than one video on it? And besides, I'm not sure if that video--although totally hilarious--would be an effective basis for an entire website.

  2. I hope none of the jars broke. I can only imagine the drama at the increased wait time for lunch that this would have caused.

    I have the same problem remembering my reusable grocery bags. I usually remember half way through shopping. Thankfully though, we use them as liners for small garbage cans so I don't feel too badly about it.

  3. Ha! I just . . . I'm grinning rather largely over here.

  4. I'm disappointed there's no youtube as well. :)
    And I have no advice for you for remembering the bags as I myself have 4 of them in my pantry and never remember them until I'm putting the food away. Maybe always keep them in the car?


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