Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Irony

Oregon has a special election coming up in just over a month.  This morning a concerned citizen left a flier on my windshield while I was shopping in Fred Meyer.

I wish I had a scanner, but since I don't, I'll just copy it here for you, with the formatting exactly as it was in print:

What The local media
doesn't really want you to

Ballot majors 26-121 and 26-122 will
cost the average property owner
$500.00 more a year in taxes on an
average $250,000.00 house, plus an
extra three percent on top of your
homes value at the end of the year.

Vote yes or no

Also watch for a possible 85 percent increase
on your water bill for the next five years

This affects you, if you are a homeowner or a
renter in Multnomah County.

Be concerned, be very concerned!!!

Oh, trust me, I'm very concerned.

See, ballot "majors" 26-121 and 26-122 are bonds to benefit Portland Public Schools.

And if the author of this flier is a product of Portland Public Schools, then he or she has made a very convincing case.  Although I have a feeling it's not the case he or she was trying to make.

I love the smell of irony in the morning.


  1. You are funny! You have a bizarre grammar talent like nothing I've ever seen. If nursing doesn't work out, you could seriously be an editor.

  2. Ha-HA! I also enjoy mocking bad grammer and poor use of the English language! Internet high five! Everyday language? Fine. Publications, business signs, etc.? Proof-read!


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