Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

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This morning I burned myself a copy of Lexi’s Wicked CD so we could stop fighting over it. All I can say is that show better come to Portland soon so we can see it and get it out of our systems.

I am putting my Christmas cards – okay, New Year’s cards – in the mail tomorrow. I swear.

I haven’t missed a day yet on my new round of Project 365! Granted, it’s only the 6th, but, as they say, start as you mean to go on! I have to beat 361 days, so I better pay attention.

Of course, Chris took the camera to California with him today, but I can’t really use that as an excuse, since Vicki and Lexi both own decent cameras and are as excited about this project as I am.

If you haven’t yet tried Costco’s dark chocolate-covered pomegranates, you really must. But don’t blame me when you can’t stop eating them. Antioxidants are a good thing, and I’m sure they totally outweigh any potential bad that could come from consuming way more than you should. Right?

Just a heads up: Girl Scout cookies go on sale this weekend. Plan accordingly.

I am in need of a robot that cleans out closets. And also finds new places to store more stuff. Anyone know where I could find such a thing?

I haven’t done any laundry since we got home. I think it’s time to suck it up and get started, but I have no desire at all to do so, and, honestly, I still have plenty of underwear, so what’s the rush?

Maybe we should become nudists.

Your turn!

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  1. When you find said robot, buy me one too.

  2. My random thoughts:
    -I always move to my husband's side of the bed when he gets up to shower in the morning because it's SOOO comfy. I can never get my pillows to cooperate and be in the perfect position like his do.

    -If I won the lottery (I have never purchased a lottery ticket so I'd better not hold my breath) I would replace my toothbrush every week. I don't know when the "newness" of a toothbrush starts to wear off, but it's too soon!

    Happy Thursday,

  3. I am still waiting for your Hunger Games review! Give the people what they want, Allison! (Not that I didn't love this post..because I did..especially the dark chocolate and pomegranates!)

  4. Speaking of nudists, have you ever noticed that they aren't the kind of people that really should be naked all the time?

    Oh, and I read your review of "The Hunger Games" and seems to me, that you and I have the same opinion about it. Glad you enjoyed it.


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