Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Public Service Announcement

I thought I'd share a bit of useful information with all of you:

Never assume you know a web address and type it in from memory.

Because you could end up with some results.

See, we bought a new piece of electronic equipment recently, and were required to register it online and download some software so we could manage it from our computer.  I figured the website would just be, so I just typed it in and hit enter.

And I have never been more grateful in my life that there were no children in the room with me.

Turns out it's  The other site was apparently already taken, by an organization that very clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with the product we purchased.  No. Thing.

I would love to be less vague, but I'm afraid of the potential Google search hits I could generate if I actually write what the website advertised, so I'll leave it up to your imagination.  I'm sure whatever you're thinking is at least close, if not spot on.

You're welcome.  Now, where did I put that brain bleach?


  1. I just want to know the product. I'm not going to the site. Or the "OTHER" site. I'm pretty sure I know what happened when you went to that "OTHER" site. For some reason, I just want to know what the actual product was!!

    And don't you wish you could just wipe those images from your memory? Good luck with that. :P

  2. Oi. Don't you wish there was an "undo" button for our brains?

    I haven't been there, but I have typed in an address that I thought I wanted to go to and then had that momentary panic when I realized I was being taken to a different site. Luckily, none of the sites were brain bleach worthy.


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