Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

We leave for our Disneyland Dream Vacation in less than a week and I’m starting to panic. I hate all the packing and getting ready. It’s exciting to get be going somewhere, but the actual getting ready is just a major pain.

My in-laws are dropping in tomorrow afternoon for a semi-surprise one-day-only visit. It’s a semi-surprise because Chris and I know about it but the girls don’t, and it’s for one day only because they’re on a cruise on the Columbia River and disembark in Portland tomorrow afternoon. Their flight home isn’t until Saturday morning, though, so they’re dropping by to see the girls (we’d be fooling ourselves to think they’re coming to see Chris or myself) and take us to dinner. We didn’t tell the girls because we love surprising them like this. It’s the good kind of screaming.

I made more salsa today. That’s 16 pints, total. And it’s sooooo good. And now the tomatoes are pretty much gone :(

Add to all that salsa the seven 8-oz. jars of bruschetta-in-a-jar, and five 4-oz. jars of lemon-sage mustard, and I think we’re pretty awesome.

Now my fingers smell like garlic and cilantro. But I wore a baggie on my hand, so no jalapeño burning.

Today I walked home from school with six little girls in tow – my three plus three extras to babysit. One is Vicki’s age, one is Ellie’s age, and one just turned 2. And a man sitting on his front porch with his dog asked if they were all mine. Do I look crazy to you?

I love that I can buy two cookies at Target for $1. Makes a great bribe for good behavior.

I’ve come to the realization that when the kids are quiet the house is being de-cleaned. Except that that can also happen when they’re being loud.

Although I appreciate the fact that she’s spreading some beauty in the world and cheering people’s days, sometimes I wish that the dumpster-diving flower lady on the way to school would find a new hobby. We only have so many vases.

Why doesn't Blogger's spell check recognize contractions?

Why is it that I know I have so much to do before tomorrow afternoon, and yet I feel the urge to do nothing except sit on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream and channel surf?


  1. Good luck packing! I love Disneyland...your girls are gunna go crazy! (you know, in a good way!)

  2. Have fun with Grandma and Grandpa!! I know they are excited to see your girls! I love the semi-surprise visit idea!

  3. I agree with the quietness and the de-cleaning. It seems to me the quieter it is, the bigger the mess is.

  4. How exciting that you're going to Disneyland - I bet the girls will love it. We took our boys in January and they were so excited!

  5. The contraction problem may be with what kind of apostrophe you're using. There are some applications I've used that donˊt recognize common apostrophes. I don't know though.

    I have to try your salsa now.


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