Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Like my new logo thingy? How cool am I? I definitely had better things to do today, but I’m rather proud of myself all the same.

Come on, you guys! Only a few of you had any real camera advice? I know more than five people read this blog in the last few days (hooray for the visitor tracker thing!) and I know most of you have cameras, because I’ve seen your blogs! Oh, fine, I’ll just have to make my own decisions.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I changed my settings so that anyone can comment – you don’t have to have a google account (I’m just sayin’...)

This afternoon it got really quiet...not a good sign around here. I went downstairs, where Ellie was supposedly watching Aladdin (her new favorite) and instead found her in the bathroom, proudly refilling the soap dispenser. There is now a tiny bit more soap in it than there used to be, but I am now out of soap and the bathroom floor is a lot cleaner than my plans for the day intended it to be. How can you get mad when they’re just trying so hard to be helpful?

The new wagon is a huge hit. The kids love it, and what’s even more awesome, people actually slow their cars down and comment on how cute all the girls look piled in there.

I spent too much time last night reading the most heartbreaking and yet inspiring blog I have come across. It’s called Bring the Rain. I highly recommend it.

My visitor tracker thingy used to think I’m in Salem, but now lately it seems to be divided between placing me in Portland and Beaverton. Weird.

The digital switchover takes place tomorrow, as the friendly people on PBS keep reminding us. They ask, “are you prepared?” No, thank you very much, we’re not. Our converter box gives us various channels sporadically and with varying degrees of quality, but so far all we get is four flavors of PBS, four ION stations (whatever that is), and two NBCs, but only sometimes, and one of them is a 24-hour weather station. This should be interesting. If we don’t get Fox, we can’t watch So You Think You Can Dance, and that’s not acceptable. We may have to subscribe to cable, because not only would we miss the summer season, but they’re adding a fall season as well. It would be tragic.

Why is it that when I feel grumpy, my kids are overly silly? I think they’re trying to compensate for my grouchiness, but it just makes me grouchier. This is not good.

When did the word fart become okay in our family?

I got a new computer chair. It’s cushier than the old one, and I don’t constantly feel like it’s going to collapse from under me.

We almost bought a Roomba last week, but we decided to wait until we can actually afford it. When we do get one, we already know what we’re going to name it. But I can’t tell you, because you’ll steal it from me. It’s that awesome.


  1. Your tracker thingy says I live in Bensenville which is 35 miles away. Sometimes it says I'm in Des Plaines which is 25 miles away. I guess it has to do with where your IP address is broadcasting from or something. That's what John says anyway.

  2. I had every intention of asking what Zack thought about your camera and then responding...but then I forgot. :(

    As for the digital switch, our digital stations work sporadically as well. I'm curious to see if I'm frustrated that I can't get all the channels or if I turn indifferent. And those ION stations got me through a day home sick from school. Except the show called "Get out!" If you want to see utterly jaw-dropping stupidity, go ahead and watch it, but don't say I didn't warn you.

  3. Jeff is the camera guru, not me. All I know is that he likes Canon ones the best.

    Jeff got me a Roomba for my b-day - a refurbished one online so it was half the price. I LOVE it! Still haven't come up with a name yet though...

  4. Okay, I put the issue to Aaron and he researched it and emailed you his best suggestions. Hope it helps!

  5. All I know is don't buy a Polariod. My dad and brothers have a sony and it's amazing. Definately get something with "shake proof" pictures so you don't take blurry pictures.

    Also, I'm excited to hear your name of vacuum.

  6. Love the Ellie trying to help story. And my kids always seem to be silly when I am grouchy too. It should make me silly too, but it just seems to annoy me.

  7. I have to say that you know you are an adult when your splurge purchase is going to be a vacuum -- even if it is one that can move by it self.


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