Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on the boyfriend

So I met Forrest today. He's a cute boy, kind of short for my taste, but he has a very "in" shaggy haircut and an impish grin. I can see where the attraction lies.

Lexi said, "Mom, you have to come see someone!" He was hiding behind the door leading into the school. I asked Lexi who he was, and she pulled my head down until my ear was level with her mouth and whispered, "My boyfriend." aHA!

I told her he seemed like a nice boy and asked if she played with him at recess. Her answer? It's a secret. The fact that she has a boyfriend, however, is apparently not so secret anymore, since she was bragging to Vicki about him. Vicki couldn't care less. She has boy friends but not boyfriends.

I did manage to get out of her, finally, that at recess he hides while she looks for him. I asked her what happened when she found him, and she said then it was her turn to hide. Sounds like a pretty solid, sharing relationship, if a little secretive.

There's only one more day of school, so I'm afraid the relationship is doomed. But now there's time to teach her about cooties!


  1. I'm glad that Lexi is focusing on relationships where each is willing to share the work equally. Smart girl. Hopefully the break up wont be too painful. I guess it depends on who realizes first that the other has cooties.

  2. Good luck with the whole break up thing. I never understood the whole cooties thing, but good luck with that one too!


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