Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swimming lessons

We enrolled all three girls in swimming lessons this summer at the high school. Vicki and Lexi did it two summers ago and had a blast, but we haven't really had the money for it again until now. We like it there because it's really individualized. They're taught in groups, but as soon as a kid masters the skills required they can progress to the next level. Vicki started out in Level 3 and Lexi in Level 2, but after two lessons Lexi moved up to 3 with her sister! For about 10 minutes, until Vicki moved up to 4! Way to go, girls!!!

I took this picture right after Lexi joined Vicki's class.
They warned me when I signed the girls up that, because Ellie was only 2, if she had a hard time they'd have to kick her out. But she absolutely loves it. Of course, you can't tell that from the picture, but my battery died before I could get a shot of her in the water.
Lessons are four days a week in two-week sessions, but we signed them up for three sessions. The morning of our second lesson, when I told Ellie it was time to get ready for swimming, her eyes got really big and she said, "Again?!" She figured it was just a one-time thing, I guess, but she's so excited to swim every day, and she loves her teachers and plays swimming lessons with her stuffed animals. So fun.


  1. Our kids love swimming too. It has gone over much better than t-ball for us. In swimming, Jack cannot hand out weed flowers to batters who did a good job.

  2. I wish I could take Abbie swimming this year but I don't have a suit that fits me these days. Hopefully in a few months.

  3. Danielle, at least he's rewarding them for a good job done, instead of, say, throwing dirt in the faces of batters who strike out. Weed flowers are good.


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