Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

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The little 18-month-old boy I babysit can now say my name!  And it's slightly pathetic how excited something like that makes me.

Valentine's candy is of the devil.

School politics make my head hurt.

Actually, politics of any kind make my head hurt.  Can't we all just get along?

I spent all night last night thinking and dreaming about DNA, RNA, transcription, translation, ribosomes, and amino acids.  I need more sleep.

And also a life.

People must not blog about DNA replication very often, because Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize "ribosomes".

Will people think less of me if I admit that I actually kind of like Kraft mac & cheese?  Just wondering...

I'm already tired of Girl Scout Cookie sales and there are still four weekends to go.  Good times.

I have only eaten one Thin Mint so far.  How many Tagalongs I've eaten is irrelevant.

Your turn!

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  1. Amen to the political comment. And I do not think less of you for liking Kraft Mac & Cheese. If you've got to choose one, it is the best.

  2. Politics makes my head hurt, too. Sigh.

    I need more Thin Mints.

    I, too, love Kraft Mac & Cheese.

    What's sleep??

  3. Allison, we swagger along with you. (Unfortunately without leather seats or video but YEAH for low mileage.)

    I agree with politics making my head hurt as well.

    Please tell me I ordered Tagalongs. Pul-lease!

  4. A I have tired something like 5 times to post this, on pc and iPad. My opinion of the it department is pretty bad. And it still won't work
    Please imagine some very witty and interesting comment because the other one won't show up.


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