Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I saw the sun today! It’s still there! Glory be!

Last week I didn’t want to go to Lexi's gymnastics, and I didn’t have to. Chris did it for me. This week he’s in CA so I have to go whether I want to or not and Vicki and Ellie have to come hang out for an hour. This will be fun.

Laundry. Oh, how I love laundry. So much.  Do you think if I keep saying that enough it will become true?

At the risk of sounding like TAMN, who I love and adore but in no way aspire to emulate, I really, really, really love Glee. I mean really. It’s pathetic, I know, but the last several episodes have made me both laugh and cry, and if a show can do that I say it’s worth my time.

Plus, I fold laundry while I watch it, so it’s not a total waste of time, no matter how you look at it (ahem, honey)

Speaking of shows, the only other show I watch with any sort of regularity (or at all, really) is starting back up tonight. Can’t wait!

If you haven’t seen it yet (or even if you have, because this never gets old), you should watch this video. And then a whole bunch of their other videos. I want to meet these people.

Yesterday a friend in Illinois saw a Stormtrooper walking down his street. Why can’t stuff like that happen to me?

I keep telling myself that life won’t be so crazy after ________. But whatever fills in the blank always passes and life is still crazy. I think it’s time for me to accept that fact and move on.

We have no snack food in our house. None. This is not good. I think this means I need to bake cookies. Which is also not good, but in a different way.

Ellie has a dance recital coming up. Get ready for cuteness overload:
Ellie the Elf


  1. Glee=happiness. I heard Kurt is going to get a hot boyfriend next season and they are going to be a power couple! He's just so adorable, I want him to be happy:) I heard that the actors all cried when they read the scrip for the finale..wonder what is going to happen? AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY..WHERE IS SUE?? She is my personal mentor..I aspire to BE her one day!

  2. I love moments of Glee. I love most of the songs. I love certain scenes. I love Mike O'Malley and think he should get an Emmy (every time he and Kurt have a scene I cry. Every stinkin' time.). Something about the show grates on me a little, and I haven't figured out what it is. I ignore the grating when I get to hear things like Idina Menzel and Lea Michele sing "I Dreamed A Dream". WOW.

  3. Seriously, I think I am bordering on obsessed when it comes to Glee. I REALLY like it, and totally have a crush on all of the boys...even Kurt.

  4. I heart Glee too!! And I LOVED the Ghostbusters video. I loved how the one guy really looked like Egon.

  5. As do you, I like Glee also. And grammar.
    Now onto the real business at hand: You appreciate grammar; why do you abuse it so?
    "at the risk of sounding like TAMN, who I love and adore but in no way aspire to emulate"
    Ahem: whom I love
    I will let you off with a warning this time, but next time I will issue a grammar citation for 'improper use of direct object subordinating conjunctions in a relative clause.'

  6. Tod, you scare me.

    Also, I knew it should be "whom", but, like I said earlier, I'm terrified of people judging me by my grammar usage. Not only do I want to appear educated through my writing, but I also do not want to appear nerdy. Ironic, isn't it, right after a post where I talk about being a nerd, but it's a carryover from elementary school, where I would deliberately mispronounce words while reading out loud in order to not sound so smart, because smart wasn't cool. I need to stop worrying about what other people think of me, I know, but "whom" just sounded so nerdy. Leave it to you to call me out on it.

    And I hereby apologize to grammar nerds everywhere; I will do better next time.

  7. I scare myself too.
    You'll never be nerdy in my book. But I enjoyed catching you, because I so rarely get to play grammar police, for the same reason, you know, it doesn't exactly endear one to others. I consider you a safe target. :)
    And isn't it sad we knock down the smart folks? I recently said this to my students that they bring some kind of inverted cultural mentality into the class when they are mad at the person who actually did the homework. Just goes to show that any 'dumbing down' of society begins with the individual.

  8. I love the Ghostbuster movie! I wish I had time (or TVO) to get into Glee because all I hear is wonderful. Alas, my evenings get booked with teaching and church responsibilities. Sometimes I am okay with this, other times I am very very not.

  9. I feel like an outsider, but I have NEVER watched Glee. What is it and when is it on?? What makes it so good??

  10. Kara, it's on Fox on Tuesday nights. It's about a high school glee club and it's hilarious. All the characters are kind of caricatures, but they don't go overboard. I hardly watch any TV at all, but I don't miss Glee. My friend described it as the gayest hour on television, which it may be (but in a good way, I think), but only because of all the singing/production numbers. It's not for everyone (Chris hates it and refuses to watch it with me), but you should check it out.

  11. I just have to say...EMBRACE YOUR NERDINESS!! Who cares. I think you are awesome!! I think I may even get the t-shirt that says I Heart Nerds.

  12. Thanks, Allison! I will have to check in out!


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