Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

Yay, it's back!

I tried watching America’s Got Talent the other night, but I couldn’t get past the poor grammar in the title. So then I tried Hell’s Kitchen, but I couldn’t stand the constant bleeping. I’m not sure, but I think it may actually have been less irritating to just hear all the swears. There’s only one reality show worth watching, in my opinion: So You Think You Can Dance! (I'm pretty sure I said I wasn't going to mention this show in my blog anymore, thanks to TAMN, but oh, well. We all have our weaknesses.) I voted for Jeanine last night. Twice. Can’t wait to see who wins!

I have the chicken pox.

Okay, not really. The doctor called it "contact dermatitis", which apparently means I am most likely allergic to something growing in our garden. I have no idea what, but if the nasty-looking, painfully itchy bumps all over my arms are any indication, it’s something unpleasant. This probably means we should have weeded more often.

It also, quite possibly, means that I will now get out of future weeding. Gee, that’s a bummer.

I stayed up late last night buying school uniforms online. The Children’s Place is having a sale. I just recently discovered how reasonably priced they are to begin with, and 25% off is too good to pass up when the girls don’t have pants they can wear to school yet. Plus, my friend emailed me a coupon code, so I got another 15% off. Hooray for cheap stuff!

Have I mentioned before how much I hate laundry? Are you sick of me mentioning that yet?

How to draw Scary Scooby 101 made me laugh until I cried.

Sometimes it feels really strange to think that my bff Pam and I knew each other when we were 16 and suffering through high school dramas and boyfriend angst, and now we’re both 32 (holy cow, I just realized that means we’ve known each other for over half our lives! I really am old!), married, and have daughters (which, of course, means more high school dramas and boyfriend angst on the horizon.) She’s the only person from high school that I’ve managed to keep in constant touch with, and I’m so excited to spend a week with her and her family!

I still miss Vicki. We got a postcard from her today. It's one of those fill-in-the-blank kinds. I figured that way she might actually take the time to send us a note. So it didn't tell us much, but at least we know she's still alive!

It’s really quiet right now. As nice as it is, that’s not actually a good sign when Ellie has a friend over. Must go investigate.


  1. "one can never have too many lips" LOVE that!!!

  2. I haven't seen any of So You Think You Can Dance except for the last 5 minutes the other night. I was happy for you to see that Jeanine won. :) Did the music at the very end sound like it was saying "She'll be livin' in a van"?
    ...maybe it was just me.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that we're 32. Ugh.

    Love you and having THE BEST TIME!!!


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