Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday

Why do my children feel the need to extensively revise their Christmas lists now that I've finished all the shopping?

It feels like all I've done is laundry for the past few days, and yet no one has clean pants, socks, or underwear. I think there's something living under the bed in the girls' room, something that likes to eat clothes.

What is it that makes Mom & Dad's room so appealing that Ellie would rather sit in there to watch Dora on the tiny, crappy little TV than watch it on the halfway decent TV downstairs?

No matter how many times I try to justify myself (and now that I think of it, maybe because I try repeatedly to justify myself), Chris still can't stop laughing at me for rereading Twilight again. Personally, I think he's just jealous of Edward and the way he's managed to captivate thousands of otherwise happily married women around the world. I told Chris he should just become a vampire. Problem solved. Can't imagine why he didn't go for it.

The books are definitely better the third time than the second, but not as good as the first. Although I haven't gotten to Breaking Dawn yet. I'll probably read it again, regardless of my low opinion, because I can't stop a series before it's over. Maybe I'll like it this time.

The girls built this huge house for Molly and Samantha (and the small one for the kitty) with their grandmas last weekend. It comes complete with parrots and a garden (notice the Christmas tree with the big red present by it):

We don't have nearly enough Legos in our house. I sure hope Santa does something about that!

I can't believe there's just over a week before we leave for Utah! Yeehaa!!!

I have so much to do in that little over a week that it's not even funny.

And yet here I am at the computer. Go figure.

We have this picture of Christ in our house. Ellie was looking at it the other day and informed me that Jesus was coming out of the dark room because He was worried about the spiders. And He hurried so fast to get away from the spiders that He forgot His shoes. I tried to explain that Jesus loves all living things and wouldn't be bothered by spiders, and then a little bit about the Resurrection, and I actually thought I was getting somewhere until she said, "Oh, and He's looking up because He's praying to Heavenly Father to get rid of the spiders." Right...something like that.

Emily did a post with a video of Abbie and Savannah that reminds me of Vicki and Lexi when they were little like that. "I'm not crushing her!" Love it. Nothing's better than sister love. Of course, with the best-of-friends comes the worst-of-enemies. We have a lot of complicated love-hate relationships in our house. I just hope the love holds out over the hate as they get older. Three teenage daughters all at once...what were we thinking!?!

I just admitted to blog stalking on my old roommate's sister's blog. But she admitted to it first, so I feel better. Please tell me we're not the only ones who read random people's blogs.


  1. Ellie is hysterical. I love conversations like that.

    So are we gonna have a chance to get together this trip or is it a real quick one? :-)

  2. I read other people's random blogs all the time! Lol about the spiders. You should know that our nativity is set up just like yours now that my boys saw it on your blog. :)

  3. Blogstalker should be a new word in the dictionary because there are so many of us...

    I'm as inquisitive as Angie. Will there be a reunion? Hmmmm?

  4. Angie, Carrie, yes! I keep meaning to email you guys, and I will right now. We must have a reunion!

    Danielle, I'm glad you read other people's blogs too, because it was your sister I was talking about! Lori is hysterically funny!

  5. Gotta love Ellie's comments. She is hysterical. Amen about the Christmas lists! Oh and my little boy said he likes your snowflakes. (=

  6. I totally stalk this blog. I have heard so many stories about you from Danielle I almost feel like you were one of MY old college roommates! Then I remember that all of my college roomates were bathroom hogging whores who called confrontational apartment meetings about whose turn it was to white glove the kitchen. (I dont have any lingering resentment or anger issues or anything!) Anyway, I love your blog and my favorite is always Random Thoughts Thursday!

  7. a few things here: 1 I am reading the Twilight series again and am really liking it better the second time. 2. My name is Becki and I am a blogstalker...

  8. I am also a blogstalker but not this one. However Lori Ann who stalks your blog makes very funny comments on seriously so blessed.

    And finally...I have found the PERFECT swimming suit...check it out at my blog....

  9. I started reading Twilight about three days ago. I now have the book by my bed and the audiobook in my car. It takes a little bit of work to figure out where I left off in the book and then find that on the audiobook, but I am obviously hooked!

  10. Totally, TOTALLY blogstalk. Every now and then I'll actually leave a comment and hope for a new "friendship", but it has only turned into one maybe twice. ;)

    I was also rereading the Twilight series, but I don't have the 2nd two books, so I had to stop. I was actually thinking this morning that I don't remember pretty much anything that happens in Eclipse and that I hope Breaking Dawn is better the second time. :) I liked Breaking Dawn, but it was just and "okay" to me. I'm hoping to love it someday. Cuz I love Edward. :D


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