Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ellie is our resident class clown. Everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious, either because of the way she rolls her Ts and Ds (as in "Daddy" or "Potty" - no one else can come close to how she does it) or because she just says so many funny things. Here are a few of her latest:

We've, unfortunately, had an ant problem for a while. They're very random and sneaky and not all that easy to get rid of. One night after I'd put the girls to bed, Ellie started shrieking from her room:
E: MOMMY!!! There's an ant on my bed! Get it! Get it off!
I remove the ant.
E: AUGGGGHHHH!!! Now he's on my pillow!!! Get him off!!!
I pick up the pillow and shake it over the floor. Then she lays down and I tuck her in. I say good night and leave the room. It's silent for about five seconds, then:
E: Oh, no, Mommy!!! Now he's on the floor!!!

The other day I let the girls choose a treat at the grocery store and Vicki picked Tic Tacs, which she is trying to make last as long as possible. Yesterday we had this conversation:

V: Mom, I'm going to eat one of my Tic Tacs.
E: Mom, can Vicki share?
M: You'll have to ask Vicki.
E: Vicki, you're gonna share and I hafta ask you.

We got this book from the library:

We love these Todd Parr books because they're all about being yourself, even if you're not like everyone else, and feeling good about it. Anyway, Chris and Ellie were reading The Okay Book last night for bedtime stories. The pages look like this:

So they got to this page:

...and after Chris read, "It's okay to have freckles," Ellie said, "It's okay to not have feet. Or hands."


  1. Lol. I like her. :)
    It's also okay to be a floating head on a page or have sticks for arms and legs. I'm glad she's so observant.

  2. She is great! I love it when they are so honest and so blunt at this age. Maren throws those at us often. She seems like she is smart as a whip!

  3. She sounds awesome. Too funny.

    We love Todd Parr as well. We had the one about zoo rules or something, but it was way too well loved and only made it through 2 of the 3 kids. We also used to watch "Todd's World" on Discovery Kids. very cute show, if you haven't seen it!

  4. That makes me laugh...I hope that her and Abbie can become good friends!


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