Friday, September 28, 2007

I don't do floors...

Yesterday I did something I don't do nearly as often as I should. I mopped the kitchen floor. I do a lot of spot-mopping with damp paper towels, but I don't actually get out the bucket and pine-sol and mop the floor that often. So I was feeling really good about my nice clean kitchen floor, and then the girls came home from school. Within the space of two hours, here's what happened to my spotless floor: wood chips and dirt were dumped out of tennis shoes all over it, a large bag of squishy grapes was spilled on it, four Otter Pops in various colors were carefully dripped all over it, and it was peed on. And yet Chris wonders why I don't mop the floor more often.


  1. Yea! Another person who doesn't mop their floors! I commend you for refraining from the chore. Life's too short. And floors are always going to get dirty. My dilema is always "do I mop the floor before company comes over, so it looks clean? or do I mop it after they leave because they got it dirty?"

  2. Well, living in my in-laws' basement for the past three years, I haven't had as much experience with not-mopping as you guys. But now that we're moving into our own place, I plan to not-mop with alarming regularity.

  3. We like to complain about how dirty our kitchen floor is, say we're going to Wet Swiffer everyday, not do it, and then continue to complain. Long live juice dots! You know, those little dots of sticky juice that attract lint and dirt.


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